Our Leadership

Leadership Committed to the Success of our Clients, Colleagues and Communities.


The Executive Committee is responsible for our strategy, the development of our competitive position, our relationship with clients, business planning, and financial management.

Scott D. Cessar Photo Pittsburgh

Scott D. Cessar

Chief Executive Officer - Pittsburgh

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Mark L. Reardon Photo Wilmington

Mark L. Reardon

Member - Wilmington

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Ryan J. Cassidy Photo Philadelphia

Ryan J. Cassidy

Member - Philadelphia

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Evelyn D. Sahr Photo Washington, D.C.

Evelyn D. Sahr

Member - Washington, D.C.

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Each of our offices is led by a member-in-charge, responsible for keeping the firm running smoothly and efficiently in each of our locations, enabling us to provide clients with exceptional overall service across the firm’s footprint.

Robert W. Levy Photo Boston

Robert W. Levy

Member-in-Charge - Boston

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Gabriel T. Dym Photo Boston

Gabriel T. Dym

Vice-Member-in-Charge - Boston

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Michael McAuliffe Miller Photo Harrisburg

Michael McAuliffe Miller

Member-in-Charge - Harrisburg

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Frank R. Emmerich Jr. Photo Philadelphia

Frank R. Emmerich Jr.

Co-Member-in-Charge - Philadelphia

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Amy Z. Snyder Photo Philadelphia

Amy Z. Snyder

Co-Member-in-Charge - Philadelphia

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David J. Strasser Photo Pittsburgh

David J. Strasser

Member-In-Charge - Pittsburgh

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Gretchen N. Panchik Photo Pittsburgh

Gretchen N. Panchik

Co-Office Chair - Pittsburgh

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David Katzenstein Photo Newark

David Katzenstein

Member-in-Charge - Newark

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Robert P. Zoller Photo Princeton

Robert P. Zoller

Member-in-Charge - Princeton

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Matthew B. Kirsner Photo Richmond

Matthew B. Kirsner

Member-in-Charge - Richmond

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Drew M. Derco Photo Washington, D.C.

Drew M. Derco

Member-in-Charge - Washington, D.C.

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Colleen D. Shields Photo Wilmington

Colleen D. Shields

Member-In-Charge - Wilmington

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Steven R. Kramer Photo White Plains

Steven R. Kramer

Member-in-Charge - White Plains

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Serving alongside our CEO, the senior management team oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm.

Eddie Raychaudhuri Photo Washington, D.C.

Eddie Raychaudhuri

Chief Operating Officer - Washington, D.C.

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Timothy S. Coon Photo Pittsburgh

Timothy S. Coon

Chief Legal Officer - Pittsburgh

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Kevin Krese Photo Pittsburgh

Kevin Krese

Chief Financial Officer - Pittsburgh

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Myra Kilgore Photo Pittsburgh

Myra Kilgore

Chief Human Resources Officer - Pittsburgh

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Bob  Trosky Photo Pittsburgh

Bob Trosky

Chief Information Officer - Pittsburgh

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