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Stay up to speed on the ever-changing legal and legislative landscape surrounding medical cannabis and other controlled substances.



For decades, Eckert Seamans has advised clients in heavily regulated industries, including alcohol, gaming, and utilities. Building on this expertise in regulatory compliance, Eckert Seamans has developed a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers and government affairs professionals to advise clients starting and operating businesses involved in the financing, manufacturing, processing, distribution, marketing, and retail sale of marijuana for medical use.

The country’s changing views and laws governing regulated substances, including medical marijuana, are developing rapidly and the shifting interplay between state and federal laws presents new challenges and unprecedented opportunities for those already involved in or just entering the industry. Eckert Seamans’ Regulated Substances practice group can help clients navigate licensing and other complex legal issues surrounding the fast-growing business of medical marijuana. From the clear legal conflict between the enforcement of state medical marijuana laws and the Federal Controlled Substances Act to the obstacles surrounding banking, taxation, DEA registration, employment, intellectual property, pharmaceutical liability, insurance and the use of third party commercial vendors—the growth of medical marijuana businesses has far-reaching effects on seemingly countless industries and stakeholders. As pharmaceutical developments advance and legislation continues to evolve, Eckert Seamans is equipped to assist clients entering this burgeoning market.

Members of the Regulated Substances practice group have experience at both the state and federal levels in addressing a range of rulemaking, regulatory, transactional, legislative, and litigation matters.

In particular, Eckert Seamans’ attorneys are currently advising clients throughout Pennsylvania on issues and projects in response to the recently enacted Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act (Act 16-2016). Those issues include business formation, capital attraction, real estate, employment, permitting and government relations.

Our attorneys are available to advise both businesses involved in the medical cannabis industry as well as those companies that seek to proactively address the impact of the cannabis industry on their businesses.