Dan Clearfield discusses legal work to arise from the passage of the PA medical marijuana bill

April 15, 2016

In the Legal Intelligencer article “Ethics Rules Haven’t Caught Up To Medical Marijuana Legislation,” Dan Clearfield discusses the legal work that will arise with the passage of the medical marijuana bill in Pennsylvania. Clearfield is one of the leading attorneys in the firm’s Regulated Substances practice group.

“Medical marijuana is not the first new industry to come to Pennsylvania, and will share elements of legal work with the gaming industry that came before it when it comes to issues such as licensing. But the work will not stop there.

“Clearfield highlighted business incorporation, capital formation, tax concerns and regulatory matters as clients try to be in the best position to vie for a license. There will be no more than 25 permits to grow marijuana and no more than 50 permits to dispense medical marijuana. Each of those 50 dispensary permits allow for up to three locations per permitholder.”

The article concludes, “The legal work is there for the taking, but there is a portion of the profession who doesn’t want to grab it until the rules are more clear. For others, the work has already begun.”

The full article is available on the Legal Intelligencer’s website. (Access to content on third-party websites may require subscription.)

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