Dan Clearfield discusses big business opportunities stemming from medical marijuana in PA

April 18, 2016

In the article “Medical marijuana business will be big business,” which appeared in the The Morning Call and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,  Dan Clearfield talks about the business opportunities Pennsylvania presents as the nation’s sixth-largest potential market for medical marijuana. Clearfield is one of the leading attorneys in the firm’s Regulated Substances practice group.

“I’ve heard estimates that the investment has to be $5 million to $10 million to be a grower-processor,” said Clearfield. “This is not a small business operation.”

He also noted that only five entities will be permitted to have both dispensary and grower/processor licenses in the Commonwealth, a highly sought-after combination.

“They are going to be very coveted because they are the best opportunity to keep costs down and maximize your profit,” Clearfield said. “You are growing and selling and dispensing. With vertical integration you are sharing employees, an accounting system. There are economies of scale and scope.”

The full article is available on The Morning Call and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette websites. (Access to content on third-party websites may require subscription.)

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