Litigation Management Online


Mass tort defendants often are confronted with nationwide litigation involving vast numbers of plaintiffs represented by aggressive and well-organized law firms. These plaintiffs’ firms communicate and share resources with other plaintiffs’ firms around the country, and they seek to exploit any perceived inconsistencies or contradictions in a defendant’s pleadings, motions or discovery responses. In order to achieve a successful and cost-effective defense of mass tort claims corporate defendants must be prepared to present a consistent and well-organized response across all jurisdictions.

Litigation Management Online℠ (LMO)

The firm’s digital case management system, supports both in-house lawyers and paralegals in our clients’ law departments and a national network of lawyers and other professionals led by Eckert Seamans in the coordination and defense of mass tort claims and other large volume litigation matters. The LMO staff is organized into functional groups that include complaint processing, discovery, resource management, and claims processing utilizing proprietary electronic case management systems. With the support provided by LMO we deliver a high-quality and consistent defense of cases anywhere in the country by making information available to everyone on the defense team who needs it, when they need it. LMO is the single resource center for all materials necessary to defend a claim: case, product, and witness information; discovery requests and responses; legal research; briefs; company records and other documents; and deposition transcripts.

Complaint Processing

All mass tort cases involve repetitive filings and discovery. The associated costs of responding to these pleadings and discovery requests can be extremely burdensome to defendants, particularly if the responses are prepared on a decentralized basis. For our clients, repetitive pleadings, motions, and discovery responses are generated for all jurisdictions by LMO paralegals, resulting in consistency and cost savings. Through the use of special templates, much of the process is automated, dramatically reducing the cost while increasing the accuracy of repetitive pleadings. The completed documents are then transmitted electronically to local counsel across the country for filing, saving both time and mailing expenses.


LMO attorneys and paralegals have created discovery databases for clients to track prior research and discovery responses for use in repetitive mass tort litigation. These databases ensure consistency and accuracy, prevent duplication of effort or the loss of information over time, and minimize intrusions on the client. Paralegals work from these discovery databases to prepare responses to routine, repetitive discovery requests thereby freeing attorney time for the investigation, analysis, and formulation of responses to more unique or focused discovery requests directed to the specific aspects of a particular claim.


Through the use of templates, databases, electronic case files, and proprietary programs to automate processing of case documents Eckert Seamans’ LMO significantly reduces the substantive risk and financial burden to our mass litigation clients.

Litigation Management Online (LMO) is a service mark of Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC.