Eckert Seamans’ Matthew Meade named to lead group charged with drafting new model data breach notification law

January 14, 2019

 Matthew H. Meade, a member of Eckert Seamans and noted authority on data security and privacy, was named to lead the Sedona Conference Working Group 11 (Data Security and Privacy Liability) Brainstorming Group. The group is charged with drafting a new model data breach notification law.

In the U.S. alone, there are more than 50 data breach notification laws. Many differences and similarities exist between these existing laws, including the definition of a data breach and personal information as well as third-party notification requirements. The differing requirements can create confusion and lead to results that are contrary to the laws’ goals. The Sedona Conference brainstorming group will research whether, and to what extent, other organizations have proposed a model data breach notification law or have a draft in process. Building on an analysis of what is currently being developed, this group will draw from the knowledge of experienced privacy lawyers, technology experts, and regulatory authorities to draft a model breach notification law or propose modifications to existing models.

The Sedona Conference is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research and educational institute dedicated to the advanced study of law and policy. The mission of TSC is to move the law forward in a reasoned and just way through the creation and publication of nonpartisan consensus commentaries and through advanced legal education for the bench and bar.

Meade, who is also a member of the Sedona Conference Working Group Series Leadership Council, concentrates his practice in the area of data security providing advice to clients regarding data breaches, information and records management, and other areas concerning data security. He helps clients identify business risks associated with the use and storage of sensitive information. Meade regularly guides clients through security incident investigations, analysis, communications, and, if necessary, responding to regulatory inquiries and litigation. He advises clients on security breach notification laws and other U.S. state and federal data security requirements (including laws regarding disposal of records). Additionally, Meade drafts agreements addressing issues related to data use, privacy, and security. He also prepares document retention and management policies and develops associated training programs.

He earned his J.D. from Fordham University School of Law in 1992 and his B.A. from Yale College in 1987. Meade has served as a co-chair of the ABA’s First, Second, and Third Annual National Cybersecurity Institute (2016-2018).

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