SAE, Ford, GM, and Toyota Form Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium — Self-Driving Safety Partnership

April 5, 2019

Another partnership has been formed in the autonomous vehicle world. SAE, Ford, GM, and Toyota have announced the formation of the Autonomous Vehicle Safety Consortium (AVSC).

The focus of AVSC is to work to safely advance testing, pre-competitive development, and deployment of SAE Level 4 and 5 automated vehicles. It is the goal of the AVSC  that its work will inform and accelerate the development of industry standards for autonomous vehicles and harmonize with efforts of other consortia and standards bodies throughout the world.

AVSC’s first efforts will focus on a framework that for the safer deployment of autonomous vehicles, which is broadly applicable to all developers, manufacturers, and integrators of autonomous technologies for use in product deployment. It will consist of a set of safety principles for SAE Level 4 and 5 automated driving systems focusing on:

  • testing prior to and when operating AVs on public roads,
  • data collection, protection, and sharing required to reconstruct certain events, and
  • interactions between AVs and other road users.

In an area of technology which continues to grow rapidly, collaboration among its producers is the key to the success of autonomous vehicles in the future. Most promising about the current objective of AVSC, is their goal to make their efforts applicable to all involved in this technology. We will follow closely and report on the actions of AVSC as it works toward achieving its goals.

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