Construction Law Update: Spring 2016

March 31, 2016

In this issue: Implied warranties as to the plans and specs on a CM at-Risk project; New executive orders for federal procurement: Caution to federal contractors and to subcontractors; Bidding and supplier quotes: Accounting for deviations; Woman-owned businesses and layers of certification: Barriers to compliance; PA Commonwealth Court revisits rulings on Section 508 of the Public School Cod and recovery of attorneys’ fees; PA appellate courts clarify the applicability of Prompt Pay Act and CASPA to contract with government agencies; Differing site condition defense rejected; Arbitration clauses without express litigation waivers may be unenforceable in New Jersey; Redefining what is waivable: West Virginia agency’s rejection of low bid for immaterial defect was improper; Changes to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Modernizing the scope of ESI discovery; What happens in Vegas: “Mandatory” attorneys’ fees not so mandatory in arbitration; Can a statute of limitation start to run in a construction case before substantial completion?; Construction Law Group News.

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