Automotive Manufacturers, Technology Companies Among Those Teaming Up to PAVE the Way for Autonomous Vehicle

January 9, 2019

Yesterday, at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, it was announced that top auto makers have united to form Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE).  PAVE’s mission is to educate “policymakers and the public about automated vehicles and the increased safety, mobility and sustainability they can bring.” Current members include Toyota, General Motors, WAYMO, Audi, National Safety Council, and SAE International.

As autonomous vehicles are becoming more prevalent on U.S. roads, questions and fears in the minds of policy makers and consumers seem to be on the rise. Members of the public are physically attacking WAYMO vehicles, slicing tires and breaking windows.  Congress refused to pass the self-driving car bill last year. PAVE hopes to help answers those questions and create a level of trust with everyone who will be affected by the technology.

PAVE will work with legislators regarding driver-assistance technology and hold educational workshops on the technologies. It will present hands on demonstrations for the public to be able to experience driverless technology. Further, PAVE will work with car dealers and service centers, offering “educational materials” that can be disseminated to customers.

It will be interesting to follow PAVE’s future to see if a more direct approach with legislators, businesses, and consumers regarding this new technology will ease the tension.

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