Eckert Seamans Forms Inclusion Council to Advance Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

March 30, 2023

Inclusion Council Intends to Impact a Workforce that Reflects and Considers the Diversity of the Nation

As part of national law firm Eckert Seamans’ longstanding commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), a new council was created to reinforce the firm’s ongoing efforts to advance DEIB across its workforce and the communities it serves. The Inclusion Council at Eckert Seamans was formed to provide time, space, and representation across various constituencies of the firm for inclusion to be both a priority and a point of focus.

“This marks a major milestone in tackling our challenge to work beyond programs and headcounts and implement policies and accountability that propels our efforts forward. The goal is to innovatively create the type of inclusive culture, reflected in a sense of belonging, that will enrich Eckert Seamans – and our world,” said Danielle Mundekis, Director of Inclusion.

The Inclusion Council will, among many roles:

  • Establish an annual learning path and action plan on conversation related to inclusion;
  • Serve as the foundation for recruitment from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), beginning with Howard University;
  • Provide and hold space for increased dialogue, as a community and within leadership, to facilitate increased opportunities for learning about and support of the people within the firm and the communities it serves;
  • Ensure accountability and the development of metrics relative to all inclusion efforts and initiatives; and
  • Provide a resource for the people of the firm and its clients, by building intentional communities that support the diverse needs of those the firm works with.

“Now more than ever, a diverse workforce that holds space for different experiences and perspectives makes us stronger and more equipped to learn about and resolve issues our communities face. Inclusion is the effort that we as a firm put forth to begin to understand and support people as we learn more about them, while belonging is the way that people respond to those efforts and how we measure the success of those efforts,” said Mundekis.

Eckert Seamans is committed to developing, promoting, recruiting, and retaining talented individuals from a variety of diverse backgrounds and professional experiences. “As part of our firm culture and mission with developing our Inclusion Council, we are striving to make a difference in our business communities and ensure we are valuing and advocating for all people,” said Timothy Hudak, Chief Executive Officer.

The Inclusion Council, which is comprised of a host of work levels, experiences, and locations, will work closely with the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Committee to assist the firm in implementing change through direction and oversight, fulfilling the firm’s inclusion strategy and vision. The firm’s council includes the following members:

Voting Members:

  • Chair: Chief Executive Officer: Scott D. Cessar, Pittsburgh
  • Vice Chair: Director of Inclusion: Danielle Mundekis, Pittsburgh
  • Chair of the Executive Committee: Mark L. Reardon, Wilmington
  • Chief Human Resources Officer: Myra Kilgore, Pittsburgh
  • Lead Inclusion Ambassador: Derek Illar, Pittsburgh
  • Labor & Employment Chair: Ryan Cassidy, Philadelphia

Non-Voting Members:

  • Inclusion Ambassador at-Large: Keith Ferguson, White Plains
  • Summer Associate Committee Chair: Michael O’Brien, Philadelphia
  • Member in Charge Representative: Ed Longosz, Washington, D.C.
  • Director of Business Development & Marketing: Matthew Goffe, Pittsburgh
  • Women’s Initiative Chair: Amy Snyder, Philadelphia
  • Circle Mentoring Chair: LaToya Winfield Bellamy, Harrisburg
  • Attorney at-Large: Krista Stefkovic, Philadelphia
  • Staff at-Large: Fran Calderon, White Plains
  • Admin at-Large: Katy Mahoney, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Wilmington

Working as a community, the Inclusion Council will build a network that the entire firm and its clients can be proud of, supporting the advancement of inclusion efforts throughout the legal industry and beyond. The Inclusion Council at Eckert Seamans is committed to implementing change and fulfilling the firm’s inclusion strategy and vision.

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