Representing Entrepreneurs

December 12, 2014

This evening, John L. Talvacchia, a Member of Eckert Seamans in Boston, was a guest on Radio Entrepreneurs, a show that provides advice, information, and connections for entrepreneurs, service providers, and established companies. Talvacchia, a senior corporate lawyer who has organized and directed legal services, both domestically and internationally, for diverse business and governmental entities, discussed his experiences working with entrepreneurs as clients.

“The common ground that all entrepreneurs have, from my perspective, is that they view the world from a different point of view than the rest of the world,” said Talvacchia. “They march to a different drummer – and that’s what makes them unique. They are more inclined to ask questions, to not accept the typical way of doing things, and looking to constantly say, ‘Why do it this way? I have a better way.’ And quite often they do.”

“I believe [Eckert Seamans has] the depth and breadth to meet the sophisticated skills needed for companies of varying sizes. And yes, we do make marriages between many of our clients. Business-to-business sort of things, but also business-to-professionals, where other services are needed. What I understand our clients are looking for when they come to us is certainly professional expertise and representation in a certain area, but also access to a network. And we help our clients with access to that network.”

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