Since the firm was founded in 1958, the "Eckert Seamans culture" has been a factor that sets it apart from other firms.  The Eckert Seamans culture is one of collegiality, respect, hard work and dedication, all while insisting on the highest level of service to the firm's clients.  Attorneys are not only recognized for their individual efforts, but importantly are recognized for their support of one another and the firm as a whole.

The firm's culture is readily apparent by the casual observer who will note the respect and support the attorneys provide for each other.  Whether it be through conversations at a lunch table, by stopping in to another attorney's office to brainstorm, or through formal meetings, our attorneys regularly collaborate to assist each other and provide the most thorough representation to the firm's clients.  In addition, attorneys are encouraged to share ideas to make the firm a better place for everyone to work.  From the firm's top management to the most recently hired associate, all attorneys at Eckert Seamans have a voice and are an important part of the firm.


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