Michelle D. Grady



Michelle Grady specializes in complex asbestos and mass tort personal injury litigation. She has served as local and national coordinating counsel for a number of companies involved in the manufacture of equipment such as pumps, valves, boilers, and brakes—gaining expertise in various disciplines including, medicine, naval vessels, and industrial hygiene. In further defense of these companies, Michelle works closely with company personnel and coordinates discovery throughout the United States to ensure uniformity on behalf of her clients.

Michelle has first and second chaired a number of personal injury trials in the courts of New Jersey and New York. She also provides guidance and leadership to many associates, including training in deposition and trial preparation skills. Prior to becoming an attorney, Michelle enjoyed a career as a scientist for Unilever Best Foods (formerly known as Thomas J. Lipton Company) and Firmenich, an international producer of perfumery and flavor chemicals.

Professional Affiliations

  • New York County Lawyers’ Association